A Hug from a Parent

A Hug from a Parent

Oh, the power of a parent's hug, It's a comforting embrace, A token of love and care, That no distance can replace.

When life gets tough, and skies turn gray, And you can't seem to find your way; A warm hug from a loving heart, Will be the one to light the day.

It's in the late night snuggles, When you've had a rough day; A loving parent's hug, Soothes the troubles away.

Strong arms to hold you tight, A safe haven in the darkness of the night; Love expressed without the words, A simple act that carries great worth.

Oh, the power of a parent's hug, A moment that'll always be felt; And through every stage of life, It's a memory that'll always melt.

So, if you're feeling lost today, And the path seems unclear; Just close your eyes and wait, For love's embrace to appear.

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