Magical Snowballs

Magical Snowballs

Leo and Bella were walking to get some yummy hot cocoa on a cold winter day.

Bella picked up a snowball and threw it playfully at her brother.

“You can’t get me,” teased Bella, running ahead of Leo.

“Oh yes I can” replied a giggling Leo.

As the snowfall became heavier and heavier, the kids got lost in the fun of the snowball fight. Soon, they began to feel like they didn’t know where they were. Just then, they stumbled upon a small cave.

“Leo, quick…in here!” said Bella.

Leo ran out of the snow and into the cave, with a snowball still in his hand. “How are we ever going to get home,” asked Bella, with a tiny sniffle.

“And what about our cocoa,” said Leo sadly, tossing the snowball at the wall. Suddenly, as the snowball hit the side of the cave, it magically turned into a big warm blanket.

Amazed, Bella made another snowball and tossed it into the middle of the cave. POOF! A crackling fire appeared where the snowball had landed. As they tossed more snowballs, other items appeared – logs for sitting on, fuzzy slippers, fluffy lovies…and last of all, a hot cocoa machine!

Leo and Bella enjoyed their cozy cave while they waited for the snow storm to settle down.

As the snowfall started to slow, they saw their home on top of the hill. They left behind their magical cave and walked home with their yummy hot cocoa in hand.

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