Singing Bunny

Singing Bunny

"Bella, come quick!" Leo called out as he ran towards his sister with a small rabbit in his hands.

Bella quickly joined her brother, looking at the rabbit curiously. "What is it?" she asked.

Leo grinned and held up the bunny for her to see. "We found this little guy singing opera in the field," he said excitedly.

Bella giggled and took the bunny from her brother's hands. "Wow, he's so cute," she said, scratching him behind his ears. The rabbit seemed to enjoy it, closing his eyes and purring softly.

The siblings named him Gio and took turns taking care of him while they played outside in the Italian countryside.

Gio loved spending time with them, and would sing opera whenever he got the chance. It was adorable hearing such a tiny creature belt out such beautiful music!

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