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Lilac Single Color Cup

Lilac Single Color Cup

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Ignite Imagination with Our Organic Lilac Sensory Dough Cup

An Eco-Friendly World of Creativity

Our organic lilac sensory dough cup opens the doors to a world of creativity and imagination. This soft lilac dough is thoughtfully crafted using plant-based ingredients and food coloring, ensuring safe, wholesome play.

Spark Endless Stories

With its lilac hue, this dough cup brings to life everything from lush jungles to unicorn paradises. Add a unique color to the dino landscape or create magical fields and colorful clouds for unicorn dreams. Combined with our Dinosaur or Unicorn playset, this lilac dough unlocks even more prehistoric adventures or whimsical fairylands. The possibilities are endless!

Develops Motor Skills

Our sensory dough isn't just fun - it also builds fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As children mold, shape, and stamp the dough, they gain dexterity while igniting their creativity. Organic playdough is one of the best tools for imagination and early development.

Eco-Friendly Goodness

Like all our products, sustainability is a top priority. Our dough cups are proudly made in the USA using recyclable materials. For extra sparkle, we've added a dash of biodegradable glitter. This keeps playtime fun while caring for our planet.

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Our lilac sensory dough makes the perfect gift for creative kids. The rich, organic ingredients create a smooth, satisfying texture that kids want to play with again and again. Mix it with other colors for even more sensory magic!

Let your child explore the depths of their imagination with our organic lilac sensory dough. An endless world of stories and creativity awaits!

Magical Dough Mix

  • Captivating multi-colored dough cups
  • Organic ingredients
  • Plant-based food coloring
  • Biodegradable glitter

Please note: This sensory dough contains wheat. Always supervise children during play, and remember that the dough is not suitable for those with a wheat allergy.

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