NEW: Adorable Organic Sensory Dough Kits

Order your magical Mimmo Kit today! Just like a shooting star, they're quick to disappear and slow to return!

Mermaid Classic Sensory Dough Kit - Organic & Imaginative


Unicorn Classic Sensory Dough Kit - Organic & Imaginative


Barnyard Glitter Mini Sensory Dough Kit - Organic & Imaginative


Dino Mini Sensory Dough Kit - Organic & Imaginative


Good. Clean. Fun.

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A Visionary's Heartfelt Journey

Welcome to Mimmo! I'm Pernilla, the founder, influenced by my Swedish roots and Waldorf upbringing, I have a strong passion for healthy living. We provide non-toxic, eco-friendly products designed to enhance kids' evening wind-down routines. Our collection encourages screen-free relaxation and sparks creativity. Join us on this exciting journey and experience the magic of Mimmo!

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Creative Calm, Naturally

Gentle ingredients for endless childhood wonder.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Rest easy knowing your child is playing with products made from safe, eco-friendly materials. Our non-toxic ingredients ensure worry-free fun for both kids and parents alike.

Enhances Mindfulness

Promote a greater sense of focus and presence in your little one's playtime. Our products are designed to nurture mindfulness, helping children engage more deeply with their activities and surroundings.

Encourages Creativity

Watch as your child's imagination soars with our stimulating toys and activities. We've crafted our products to inspire creativity, allowing kids to express themselves freely and explore their artistic potential.