Is Mimmo Dough like traditional playdough?

Kind of! Mimmo Dough is designed to give your kids a totally different experience. Sure, it might feel a bit different compared to traditional playdough but that's what makes it even more fun and exciting. You can expect subtle differences in density and texture when they get their hands into it — making it an incredibly interactive and stimulating experience for your little ones!

Why don't all the colors of Mimmo Dough have the same texture?

Here’s the scoop! We use only the freshest, organic fruit and veggie powders, so each color has its own unique characteristics. You'll find everything from light and fluffy to soft and stretchy - all in amazing hues that you won’t see with regular playdough. So prepare your senses for a truly special experience!

What ingredients are in Mimmo Dough?

Mimmo Dough is nut-free. We use organic & natural ingredients. Our dough contains salt, which acts like a preservative. We don’t use any harmful preservatives. The colors are all plant-based powders and include exotic names like Lilac Taro Yam & Sapphire Wolfberry. The dough is delicately scented with organic essential oils. The glitter is biodegradable. 

What if I don’t want scented dough? 

You can opt-out of the scent on the ordering page. 

What about the packaging?

We strive to have the best products for children while being kind to our environment. The Mimmo Dough rolls come in biodegradable packaging. The Mimmo Dough cups are compostable.  

How do I best store the dough? 

For now, please store the dough rolls in a glass jars with a lid. We are working on including eco-friendly storage bags with every order. The Mimmo Dough cups also keep the dough soft. Since the dough is all natural, salt crystals may form. To restore the softness, add a couple of drops of water and keep playing. 

Do you ship outside of the US?

At the moment, we only ship in the US. Stay tuned for updates though. 

What’s your return policy?

If you are not happy with your purchase, please email pernilla@playmimmo.com

What if I need help? 

Please email pernilla@playmimmo.com and we will happily assist you.