Bubble Bath in the Lake

Bubble Bath in the Lake

Leo and Bella were walking home from the store where they had just bought some bubble bath. On the way, they decided to take a detour down by the lake on the edge of town.

Once they arrived, Leo and Bella started throwing stones and sticks into the water. They were having fun and giggling as they watched the objects splash and kerplunk. Leo grabbed hold of something that he thought was a stone, but it turned out to be their bubble bath! Without realizing what he had done, he threw it into the water with all his might.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Leo, sad that he had lost their bubble bath. “Mom and Dad will never give us money to buy more bubbles”, he frowned.

As Leo and Bella turned to walk home, Bella heard a strange fizzing noise. “Where is that sound coming from?” asked Bella. She turned back to the lake and saw a small mound of bubbles beginning to rise where Leo had tossed the bath soap.

At first she thought nothing of it. But soon, bubbles began to grow and fill up the entire lake! “Watch out, Leo!” yelled Bella as the bubbles spread quickly across the lake and toward the town like a giant wave. But there was nothing they could do. The bubbles engulfed them and the entire village!

Leo started crying because he thought everyone would be mad at him for creating such mess. Instead, everyone seemed amused by bubble madness! The whole town came out to have fun with these magical bubbles. Kids surfed atop them on makeshift boards while adults made beautiful bubble sculptures. The animals also seemed captivated by these colorful orbs floating around everywhere - dogs chased after them barking happily while birds flew above them chirping away.

As Leo and Bella joined in on this big “Bubble Day” celebration (as it came to be known), slowly but surely, all of those beautiful soap-filled bubbles disappeared back into nothingness. The mess left behind a sparkling clean town that smelled like honey blossom everywhere you turned your head. Everyone laughed and thanked Leo and Bella for bringing such joy. Since that day this small mountain village has held an annual bubble festival every year, although never quite as magical as that first one.

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